Single Shot Monday: Disembarking +

I struggled not to put up a single shot this morning that was as graysome as the day outside my window over the garage.

Blink. Blink.

Slurp more decaffeine.


Rain makes everything grow faster.

Graysome is good.

Must make a note.

IMG_7786_discover_mass_elengrey_2015 (1280x930)

Click. Bigger is better.

I was sitting outdoors at a Starbucks in the big TO when this Porter shuttle pulled up and people spilled out. It gave me a giggle to see Discover Massachusetts running along the top of it. Were the travelers disembarking expecting to discover Boston, The Beaches, The Berkshires? Or was that for embarking travelers? Who can say?

It was a packed weekend.

Packed with being. Doing. Hangin’.

The G-Man left a pretty little card and a plate with a not so little slice of lemon meringue pie on the dining room table yesterday morn — Mother’s Day morn. He gets me right down to a lemon meringue T. I didn’t even have to eat my poached egg and toast first. Boom! The Only Daughter and I spent Friday in her cozy nest in her little community. Just the two of us. About town. Making mischief. We might have watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Despicable Me 2 and laughed like loons. Just being. Saturday was all about gettin’ girly stuff done. With her. The gift of time is my favorite gift. My own mother lives in another country in the loving care of my sibs… under the influence of Alzheimer’s. She often doesn’t remember me. That’s okay. I remember everything about us… for the both of us. And I can still make her laugh, which makes my heart full.

Here be Monday.

Let’s rock right over it.


14 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Disembarking +

  1. Sounds like a bountiful weekend with your livable peeos. Sorry about your Mom. Your ‘I remember for both of us’ brought tears to my eyes. It is a joyful way to cope with real loss.

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  2. Sounds like you had a great Mom’s day. My youngest was home from school, my oldest is in CA, and my hubby made a lovely dinner. No pie, but I’ve been loving those mini eclairs that are frozen. Prayers for your Mom. I’ve been without mine for 8 years now. Think of her every day.

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