Close Shot Friday 097… A Green Situation

What a week. All I want to do is post this bloggity and take a nap… in my jammies.

With a blankie.

Maybe there’s a teddy bear around here I can borrow.

This week was a crush.

And a rush.

Toing and froing to the airport.

Toing and froing to Niagara.

Toing and froing to the big TO.

I’m all t & f’d out.

Without further ado.

I like green.

IMG_0235_green_1_elengrey_may_2015 (979x1280)

There’s a green situation going on at the front of the garden gate.

This hosta is just beginning to unfurl its leaves.

I always thought the specimen behind it was False Solomon’s Seal. But after doing some online research, I’m unsure. It came from the nursery. Solomon’s Seal is rare.

Help me out, gardeners.

What is it?

IMG_0238_green_2_elengrey_may_2015 (956x1280)

Pardon me while I fall into a little green swoon.

IMG_0246_green_3_elengrey_may_2015 (1280x956)

This is one of my thymes. It’s growing in the garden crypt.

I just want to pinch its leaves.


You’ll want to click those green situations bigger.

Here be Friday.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…



Mebbe not.


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