Tuesday is the New Monday…

In recognition of Victoria Day weekend — the May long weekend — I decided Tuesday is the new Monday. It was an executive decision total whim.


You didn’t want to hear from me anyway. I was high on 2 and 3/4 nights of fireworks.

Yes, fireworks in Burbville.

It was a toss up who would get the anti-anxiety med, the G-Pup or me.

Just kidding.

The G-Pup won hands down.

I actually like the bang, the whiz, the pop… and the occasional fwump of a cracker gone wrong.

Well, maybe not right over the house. I like to be on a blanket on some grassy knoll overlooking a lake, with the bang-whiz-pop going off on the lake.

But I’m not picky.

Victoria Day weekend — the weekend of pool and cottage opening, grillin’, and long lines at the nurseries.

Since I don’t have a pool, nor a cottage, I joined those standing in the nursery lines.

When I go to the nurseries, I take cash so the G-Man doesn’t have to rent a trailer to haul my garden splendor back to the casa.

He probably shouldn’t have talked me into watching Around The World in 80 Gardens with Monty Don. Also, here. By the time Don got to the patio gardens of Cordoba, Spain, I was a gonner.


You have only yourself to blame, G-Man!

Let’s have a little morning splendor from my own garden. This was taken yesterday.

IMG_0217_lilac_elengrey_may_2015 (1280x1230)

No. I never tire of it. The scent! The scent!

You know the drill. Bigger is better. Click.

And a little gratuitous pink shot from the morning G-Pup walk.

IMG_0208_pink_elengrey_may_2015 (956x1280)

Oh, and this. The trees are dropping their blossoms, I tell you. Make way for the leaves!

IMG_0232_subtle_pink_elengrey_may_2015 (956x1280)

See. It’s Tuesday instead of Monday.

So I can get away with three shots.


Here be Tuesday.

The new Monday.

Rock it.


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  1. Stunning flowers in your garden. Can we trade? Ha Ha As my husband is off to the nursery to buy this and that… but I don’t think we will end up with any of your treasures!

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