Close Shot Friday 100… Autumn Camo

IMG_3100_camo_gatineau_park_elengrey_october_2011 (1280x960)

Autumn Camo

For the last Close Shot Friday, I reached back into September of 2011 and gave a mighty yank.

This shot was taken at Gatineau Park in Quebec.

If you’ve never been, go. Go. GO!

Clickity, click. Biggity bigger.

Thus endeth 100 Friday close shots.

That’s all folks!

Cracks knuckles.

Exits left.


I kept it short and sweet because aren’t we all just sprinting toward the weekend?

Sprint you Friday worker bees, sprint!

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


13 thoughts on “Close Shot Friday 100… Autumn Camo

  1. I love this picture Elen. I have been to Gatineau Park, it’s gorg.
    So what tipple do you get when you 3,2,1 to the bar?

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