Monday is dead to me.

Okay. Not every Monday.

Just this past Monday.


The Monday when the undead chipmunk nibbled on all the ripe and ready strawberries in the garden crypt, and a few that weren’t, too.

IMG_0540_pigmunk_horror_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)

The evidence.

And it’s not like I’m not willing to share.

You know.

All creatures great and small…

But the undead chipmunk left me nothing for my breakfast cereal.


The Kashi Go Lean said, Whaaaat? Blueberries again? Bananas again? Put a strawberry on it!


Then it went all limp and soggy.

He’s a real pigmunk.

I’d click a pic of the pigmunk, but he’s stealthy.

And he has a cloaking device.

A good likeness of the perp, the most wanted undead chipmunk.

Alias, Pigmunk.

And that’s my sorry Tuesday tale.


Note: The chipmunk image is a licensed, royalty-free image from Fotolia.com

11 thoughts on “Pigmunk…

  1. Pigmunk, I think you are too kind. I’ve just come up with at least 2 verra nasty names for the turd. I’m calling him by my favorite name for him and his kind – rat bastards. I hope you just totally grind that Monday in to the dust.

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  2. That little f’er!!! Of course he couldn’t eat one full berry and leave the rest. No, it’s a nibble from each just to rub it in. You need to call in the Rat Squad.

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