Single Shot Monday: Lines And More Lines… + True Confessions

IMG_1294_lines_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x923)

Line ’em up!

Last week, I was sitting in The Red Tomato next to Fred’s Not Here, two eateries in the Entertainment District of Toronto. I love restaurants where the whole side of a building opens up to the outdoors in summer.

I would have gone to Fred’s, but it just didn’t feel right with him being not there and all.

This was my view. Lines. Nothing but lines.

Now lines, they suit me just fine.

True Confessions ~

The hardware store is my Sephora. I could spend hours in it. Maybe even have a sleepover. Mebbe.

Before the rain-it-raineth came, the G-Man asked me if I wanted to take a ride to the Lee Valley Tools with him.

I’d already spent an hour sweating in the frontscape clipping, and pulling and digging. Stooping and squatting and crawling and — you get the picture.

And watching Pigmunk cavort.

Being taken for a ride sounded like more fun than moving on to sitting my butt in the chair and cranking out this blog post.

That’s a little fib, but not my first.

There was nothing on my Lee Valley Tools list, but you never know.

I don’t think I’ve ever left Lee Valley with nuthin’. And I didn’t.

There were some little galvanized buckets on sale. They were purchased with my office in mind, but you never know.

I found some brass hooks that I plan a hookup for with some kitchen stuff, but you never know.

I grabbed the leaf bags I needed this morning. Score! I touched a lot of knobs and handles, because some bathroom cabinetry is about to get a do over. Yes, I’m one of those tactile shoppers.

I lusted over the garden section, which is nothing unusual.

Is there a skin patch for quitting Lee Valley?

Just kidding, Lee. I could never call it quits with you.

I must have had a glazed expression on my face, or a question mark on my forehead because a — cough — mature man staff person wandered over and said — Are you finding everything you need, dear?


My eyebrows shot up and I said — Why, yes. Yes, I am. Thank you.

Then I loped over to G-Man saying — I’m a dear. I’m a dear. You must be an antelope.

And it the next breath, we both said — Let’s play.

Can we say Been. Together. A. Long. Time.?

And Monday is in the house.

Let’s play… just like the dear deer and the antelope.


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  1. True confessions of my own. I WAS going to past this post by (forgive me?) but when I read “true confessions” I was hooked. And then I saw it. The reason. The reason why: you and me. The key. It’s Lee. As in Valley. *sigh*

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