Humpity Day: Hey-Hey-Hay! + You Know…

The twelfth of August.

Does summer feel like it’s racing — I say gobsmackingly racing! — along to you?

Vroom, vroom.

Southern Ontario hopped up on August.

IMG_1322_hay_hay_hay_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x951)

Hey-Hey-Hay! We’re on a roll.

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. Keep them hay bales…

Oops. Wrong song.

If you see a hay bale in my garden, there might be Pigmunk, Demon Squirrel, or Baby Undead Bunny under it.

Or maybe all three. RIP!

I’m not prepared to make a statement at this time.

IMG_1328_countryside_ontario_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x956)

We’re doin’ summer!

IMG_1330_cloud_swatch_elengrey_august_2015 (1280x585)

We’re paintin’ clouds with a brush!

IMG_1337-here_he_comes_elengrey_2015 (1280x911)

We’re gradin’! Forevah, baby. Forevah.

IMG_1350_ease_on_down_the_road_elengrey_august_2015 (910x1280)

Easin’ on down the road…

Droppin’ our “G’s” wherever and whenever.

It’s summer. Everybody just loosen up.

IMG_1352_dial-a-ride_elengrey_august_2015 (1177x1280)


This is what happens when I’m in the car too long not drivin’.

Just ask the G-Man.

Let’s just hippity-humpity-hop right over Hump Day.


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