Single Shot Monday… + Novemberish

I miss the Daily Tree posts.

I love my trees.

So… let’s have a tree.


A band of trees.

IMG_2067_trees_1_eg_elengrey_october_2015 (956x1280)

Trees in motion.

This click was taken at Edwards Gardens on the same day as the others you’ve been looking at in the last couple of posts. Different lighting. Different direction.

IMG_2067_trees_1_eg_elengrey_october_2015 (956x1280) (2)

Heading down to the lake.

Let’s play black & white. Now, we’re a little otherworldly.

But then I might just be hopped up on Halloween cheddar Goldfish crackers.

Fright Night was pretty tame in our neck of Burbville. Maybe 35 tricksters. But the made-to-order homemade pizzas were delish and washed down with Practical Magic (1998) and The Imitation Game (2014). The two tricksters that totally gave me the giggles — a three-year-old Ewok and a eight-year-old Ninja Turtle.

I can’t even!

And November is in the house. Monday, too.

Get workin’.


7 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday… + Novemberish

  1. Get to work! You are talking to me right? I’m trying! Seriously! My neighbor is out sucking up all the leaves with this very comical attachment on his mower. It is right out of Big Lots or something. I think it is having a hard time sucking as it is making all these sqeeky and slurpy sounds. The dog is hiding under my desk and I can’t write anymore. Now on to you, great pictures. Glad you had fun on Halloween. I’ve had people email me and ask what wine goes with eating their kids candy. Seriously? I’m more excited about November than Monday. ha,ha.

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    • LOL I did not see Princess Leia dressed like Darth Vader on the left until you brought it to my attention. My shoulders are shaking. I had to go back to the original and enlarge that to see what you discovered. It looks like two students heading away from me. There were students in the woods that day, I tell you. Students! Good find, Gruhn! Countdowns?


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