So It Begins…

The last month of the year.


One of my favorite months.

Yesterday, I was doing this…

Outdoor Christmas Lights

I could have used help…

Tangled Lights

This could be me anytime lights are involved.

Okay. It was G-Man stringing the lights, but I’m telling this story. It’s creative non-fiction.

Today, I was gathering stuff from the basement and Canadian Tire near and far, so that tomorrow I can do this…

Decorating the Tree

I’m thinking I’ll just use a ladder instead of scaling the tree. The last time I did any rope climbing was in the high school gym. Back in the day it was called P.E., and it was required or I’d still be sitting in the library stacks. And it’s a good thing I know reverse or I’d still be hanging from the gym ceiling.

Put your mitts into it there, Santa.

Everybody loves a kibitzer, especially during the stringing of lights. Indoors or outdoors, makes no difference.

And so it begins.

The month of merry chaos.




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