Single Shot Monday: Charming-by-the-Lake…

Okay. I just wrote Single Shot Coffee for the title of this post, so I’m thinking I need a little break. A big break even. Okay. The mother of all breaks.

Ever had one of those days when you feel run off your feet, but you’re hard-pressed to know what you actually did that day?

C’mon. Don’t let that be only me. “Kayak for one?” Name that movie.

charming_by_the_lake_1_elengrey_september_2014 (956x1280)


It was taken in Niagara-on-the-Lake early morning one autumn day. 2014, I think.

It’s the perfect place to kick back, chillax, hang loose. Have a single shot of coffee. A glass of wine, though I don’t think I would be having that in the early morning hours.

I might make an exception for today.

And Monday has left the building.


6 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Charming-by-the-Lake…

  1. I’m absolutely bagged today too. Not sure what the heck is going on with me. I did perk up this afternoon though when I saw a female cardinal rooting around in our garden. I’ve been searching for signs of spring without much luck. Did it snow on you last night?
    Well, it may be a small sign but a cardinal with a glint in her eye is good enough for me. Happy Spring Elen.

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  2. I’ve had plenty of days where I feel I’ve been busy all day, but it only takes a minute to list everything I did or FitBit says I don’t have enough steps even though I feel like I’ve did nothing but walk all day. I wonder what it’s like to crack open a bottle of wine to have with breakfast?

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