Fridaaaaay!… Bigger Bunny Poop

IMG_2902_tulip_haze_elengrey_april_2016 (960x1280)

Tulip Haze!

These are the first tulips of the season gracing my table. I bought them at the market yesterday on a 50% reduction. That’s how we roll. Yesterday, you could see just a hint of color. This morning was another matter entirely.

Now I want all the tulips in the land. They’re a nice contrast to snow on the ground.

In Other News ~

When I’m not paint prepping more this weekend, I’m going to be marathoning Downton Abbey Season 6. Don’t tell me anything.

And starting tomato seeds indoors. I do this with trepidation, because we’re having a very wintry spring. Frankly, I’m not sure the last frost date for Toronto will be May 9th this year.

G-Man is building me another garden crypt. A shallower garden crypt.

It may be where I’ll bury the bunny body, aka Baby Undead Bunny. Just kidding. Mebbe. That baby bun from last year I thought would’ve moved on by now. Looking for a fluffle. But no. It’s still hanging out in my back garden. And she/he/it has grown.

Bigger bunny poop.

And bunny poop has become G-Pup’s crack.

Burbville homesteading doesn’t get much better than this.

Tell me your weekend plans. They’ve got to be infinitely more interesting that mine.

Here be Friday.

Grab it by the fluffle.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


17 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay!… Bigger Bunny Poop

  1. Eeew gross, a bunny poop eating dog. I honestly don’t what they are thinking sometimes, could be all the fluffle.
    I have to stop pursing my lips just thinking about it. My dog has done some seriously dumb ass stuff with poop and it’s the one part of being a pet parent I just can’t…
    Are you ready for this Elen??? I am making some trades tomorrow. It’s my new favorite way to shop tee,he. I am giving a pound of coffee beans for several volumes of Botanical books. I bottle of red for some used corks – more on that later. and another bottle of red for a glass shelving unit that is soon to become my new succulent garden.
    Have fun on your weekend. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.
    I’m still eeewing over the pooping. ha,ha.

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    • Hahahaha. I’ll never forget the day two hunky EMT’s were here. One was assessing the patient. The other was sitting in a chairing looking out the patio doors at the G-Pup eating her own poop (much to my embarrassment). “What is SHE doing?” he said. To which I replied, “I can’t really talk about it.” Rabbits do the same thing. I call it ‘second breakfast’. 😉 Trading, huh? I wonder what I’ve got to barter… Keenly interested in the succulent garden, because my mind has turned in that direction this year. Cheers!


  2. Reminds me of a Get Fuzzy cartoon I saw years ago: Satchel, a dog, is sitting in what appears to be an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and says, “Hi, my name is Satchel, and I like to eat…” A lady sitting next to him says, “There’s nothing wrong with that,” and Bucky, the cat who lives with Satchel, chimes in with “Who said anything about food?”

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  3. My weekend? Dancing Fri nt (Round Dancing which we’re learning); Mahjongg Sat morning (which we’ve learned); watch The Masters golf (nothin’ but azaleas in Augusta, GA – envious me); maybe attend a US Presidential race rally; water walking at the Y (in it, not on it). Say, I sound too busy.

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  4. Would have responded sooner but just hit back from dance (round) lessons. As Liberace once said, “I ain’t good but I got guts”. By the way, skipped the rally, too damn cold to stand in an airplane hangar for 3 hours on a cement floor. But 7,000 others did. And that’s not metric…

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