Humpity Day: Drive-thru… + True Confessions

table_for_1_elengrey_april_2016 (1124x1280)

Before Glaze!

This is the snow click before I used the Glaze App on it. I thought you might like to see it to compare. This is actually brighter than the original image, and I cropped out the moose slippers. I used a filter from A Color Story to brighten it. This is an app I’m just beginning to learn.

Glaze is one of the easiest apps to use and a fave. To change this to something fun and quirky for Monday’s single shot took exactly one finger click. It’s a free app available at iTunes for Apple. I don’t know if there is an Android version.

True Confessions ~

Sometimes, we do what I call drop-off errands. Drop-off errands are when you’re just hopping in and out of the car to, well, drop things off. Like hopping out at the library while the driver still has the motor running on the burb car and shoving library books through the outside slot, jumping back in and peeling off. No one is the wiser. No one knows you’re wearing drop-off clothes. No one knows you’ve got your oldest jeans on paired with a fraying university sweatshirt under that long Pillsbury Doughboy winter coat, underwear optional. You might be wearing the garden boots instead of those DAVs. This is so true. But you’ve slapped on a little Burt’s Bees coconut & pear lip balm and the retro 1950’s style sunglasses, so all’s good. And Home Depot doesn’t really care anyway.

Many errands get done this way in the Elen household.

I cannot lie. I could. But I’m not.

We were doing this very thing on Monday. And then it went like this:

G-Man: Want to get a Second Cup?

Me: Sure.

So he heads for his favorite SC and pulls into a parking space.

Me: What are you doing? 

G-Man: G o i n g   t o   t he   S e c o n d   C u p  .

Me: But you always go through the drive-thru.

G-Man: Parking today. I don’t know what I want. 

Me: [spluttering] But you can’t park. I have drive-thru hair. You have to go through the drive-thru. 


G-Man: What’s drive-thru hair?

Me: This! This is drive-thru hair!! [Pointing wildly at head of uncombed curly locks, aka Mrs. Yeti hair.] It goes with the drop-off errands, wearing the drop-off clothes. 


G-Man: I got nuthin’.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just hit the drive-thru.


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  1. Drive-Thru hair!!! My gosh Elen, thanks my knee hurts so bad cause I just got finished slappin it from laughing so hard. Good gravy lady where are you coming up with this stuff. Da, bomb – that’s you.

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