Single Shot Monday: Go Big or Go…


Snow Table For One!

We’ve all been wailing and gnashing, moaning and groaning, whining and sucking our thumbs, because an Alberta Clipper, aka a Canadian Clipper came along south of us causing a dump of fresh snow — about five inches — on our thoughts of April showers bring May flowers.

It also brought bright, sparkly sunshine, for which I will be forever filled with gratitude.

The casa is making the rudest noises, by the way, as the snow and ice does a quick slalom off the roof without benefit of flags.

To continue…

I clicked this shot of the patio this morning — Snow Table For One — and put a little Glaze filter on it. And then made it the biggest click I’ve ever posted on this blog.

Go big or go home!

And Monday is in the house.


12 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Go Big or Go…

  1. You know what I admire about you, Elen? You let a simple thing like sunshine on a cold ‘wintry’ day cheer you up and put you in a good mood. Me? I just say ‘the weather sucks’ and wait for another day. ‘Where Is Spring?”⛄️⛄️⛄️🌷😜

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  2. I love the filter Elen, a great piece of art you’ve created out of such a crazy weather event. You got the sauce lady.

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