Single Shot Monday: Mini-Me… +

garden_crypt_mini_me_elengrey_april_2016 (1280x1134)

Garden Crypt Has a Mini-Me!

Because I’m me, I decided that the garden crypt was wasting too much good soil being all big and tall. So. I decided to sacrifice my future place of eternal rest — C’mon. You know it’s perfect! — and ask G-Man to remove the top two front boards and the top two boards at each end and make the garden crypt a mini-me. By splitting the two front boards in half, we got the four boards needed for a front and back. Easy peasy. Now I have 12 feet of garden crypt instead of 8.

Can I get an amen?!

I’ve spent the last three days outdoors, only coming in when called for dinner. I’m such a kid. The weather was just too good to be indoors for any reason.

What April project? 

I was in total denial. One day was taken up with the fence guys. G-Man was overseeing that, but I peeked on more than one occasion. There is only one length of old fence left, and you’re looking at it in this single shot.

I’ve been playing in the gardens. Cutting back and cleaning out. It’s a time of discovery. And photosynthesizing. Me too. The work that has to be done before you get to the good part. Kind of like paint prep before painting.

We hit 70 Fahren today, and we’ve had 4 days of sunshine in a row. We all feel fluffy, including G-Pup.

Moving right along.

If you answered my Friday questions, thank you. I had so much fun reading your responses. Here our mine:

  1. Both
  2. Lake
  3. City in the winter, country in the summer.
  4. Just no.
  5. Donut — the elevated version.
  6. Ferris Wheel
  7. Savory
  8. Jean-Luc
  9. Mini all the way.
  10. I still eat chicken, but I eat a lot more chickpeas.

Why did the chickpea cross the road?

I await your entertaining answers.

Seriously. I have no idea.

Bring it!

True Confessions ~

Every single Monday post I live in fear that I will type Single Sh*t — and I don’t mean asterisk — Monday in the title space and not catch it before hitting ‘publish’.


And Monday is in the house.


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  1. Very cool Elen, but I have to admit I shivered a bit with the whole “crypt” thingy. I’m lovin’ the sunshine and can’t wait to transplant my little ones.

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