Single Shot Monday: Life is Like a Bowl of Peas…

bowl_of_peas_elengrey_june_2016 (1280x960)

Sorry, Forrest. I just couldn’t help myself.

The first pick of the peas in the garden crypt.

Container Peas!

I ate ’em.

Mostly, I just stand outside and eat. I’m special that way.

In Other News ~

I don’t know about you, but I munched mulched my way through the weekend. That mulch had to be spread before the 90 Fahren temps rolled in.

Got up at what I consider the ass crack of dawn on Saturday and Sunday. Isn’t that what urban farmers do? If I were a morning person, it would be the crack of dawn. But not. Never ever was. Never ever will be.

It was a dark and early morn.

I realized quickly that it’s a lot easier to spread mulch when there are no plant specimens on the landscape yet. Mine are maturing, so it was lift and mulch. Lift and mulch. G-Man held the thorny fairy roses up with a rake while I mulched. Saved me a lot a blood, sweat, and tears. Mostly blood.

In Other, Other News ~

This is the last week of the Flash Fiction course. I barely got my 1000 wc piece in under the wire last night. Good thing there’s a three hour time difference. I did a meet cute story. We’re back to 500 wc for the final week. Just waiting to see what Lisa has up her diabolical sleeve.

Date night was good. We saw the last night of The Heidi Chronicles — a Soulpepper production. Highly entertaining. I love the Young Centre for the Performing Arts at the Distillery District. Professional theater in an intimate setting. Win. Win. If you have the opportunity, go.

And Monday is in the house.

Let’s all just hang and eat peas.

Now, you. Wassup?


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