Fridaaaay!… The View Within

clouds_and_buildings_1_elengrey_july_2016 (1082x1280)

There’s not just a waterfront view at the Redpath Waterfront Festival. There’s a street view. I don’t know about you but I love a good street view. In Toronto, it almost always includes construction. And often includes glass buildings. Glass buildings with views of their own. The view within.

clouds_and_buildings_2_elengrey_july_2016 (1024x1280)

Just a turn to the right.

structure_union_station_elengrey_july_2016 (960x1280)

A week after the Redpath Waterfront Festival, we took the train downtown and hopped on the subway to the AGO to see a special exhibit of the work of Lawren Harris — The Idea of North. It was spectacular. But don’t take my word for it. Go. See for yourself. It’s there through the 18th of September.

If you’re not from these parts, you may not be aware that Toronto Union Station is getting a revitalization. A renovation. A rebuild.

It’s pretty spectacular too, if not a bit of a warren at the moment.

I’m just waiting for the train. Construction can be found in every click. I love all the lines.

Here be Friday.

My thoughts and prayers are with Nice.

My head is down.

Fingers are flying across the keyboard.

Writing is happening.

See ya Monday!


4 thoughts on “Fridaaaay!… The View Within

  1. Hope you had a great weekend! Beautiful shots! They remind of the “Nature of Things” episode about song birds flying into mirrored buildings because they couldn’t differentiate between sky and building. There’s a big push to get those in charge to put something on the windows so the birds can see them and not fly into them.

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  2. Ellen, I love a nice building, preferably the ones of brick and mortar, or stone and mortar. Need that mortar. Unless it’s glass, and there are many different beautiful ones.Toronto is a prime example. But, for me, enough already. Where’s the sky? Oh, that’s right, it’s in the reflection of the glass. When I go a waterfront festival, all I want is water. A beer and bratwurst helps. Say, are we having our first disagreement???

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