Humpity Day: Big Bloomer… +

daylily_5_elengrey_july_2016 (1280x959)

Pewter Pink!

This daylily has matured. Matured, I say. Year 4. It doesn’t seem to be as pale as it was in Year 1. Huh.

I call it Big Bloomer. The flower heads are huge. The petals are ruffled. It stays open for at least 16 hours and is a rebloomer.

This was taken two days ago. Every morning I run out in my jammies and pigmunk slippers to see what it’s doing. It’s in the frontscape, near the sidewalk. So it’s in the front frontscape.

Okay. I don’t have any pigmunk slippers. Yet. But I would if I could just catch the greedy little critters.

Hear me, pigmunks? 

The dog walkers are kind enough not to comment on the wild woman standing in the front frontscape in her jammies wielding an iPhone at the dog-walking crack of dawn. But they don’t linger either.

They’re the good jammies.

I swear!

Here be Hump Day.

Everybody grab a freezie. It’s hawt.

Or do you say freeze pop? Or freezer pop? Or ice-pole? Icy-pole? Ice pop?

Ice-pole might be my favorite.


6 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Big Bloomer… +

  1. I’d like a friggin’ ice something to stick in places I didn’t even know could get HAWT. Damn ! Mother nature sure has a sick way of balancing the scales, wouldn’t you say? Freezing ass cold spring, bone frying hot this summer. Damn!
    I had to quit work early today for Gawd sakes. Gawd, rhymes with Hawt!
    I love the daylilies, you must be doing something right Elen. They are goiggeous. Even in the Gawd awful Hawt, f’n weather!
    Sorry about my sass today, but HUMP day be damned, I’m straight out flat on my ass today.

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  2. 1 at a thyme: (1) you forgot popsicle (remember the ‘ice cream truck’ in summer. Hey, that might be a new theme); (2) the dog walkers might think you’re a crazed individual taking pics of their dog depositing on your lawn (or do you say ‘garden’ for lawn in Canada, eh); (4) I told you, a .22 works best on the Pigmunks. I skipped (3) because it was about wearing your jammies outside, in front and early in the a.m. …By the way, speaking of ‘the crack of dawn’, butt-a-ful flowers (that’s a long u on butt)

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