Single Shot Monday: Threefer…

‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello

When last we communed it was June.

We communed in June.

Then along came Canada Day on a Friday. Hello, Canada Day! celebrations and long weekend. We spent Saturday in the sun at the Redpath Waterfront Festival, where we walked eleventy-hundred miles. The Fitbit was worn out. I was worn out. We came for the Tall Ships and enjoyed the people, the ping pong, the music, the festival food, the waterfront, and every little ounce of shade we could find.

And may I say that I had the best Bison short rib stuffed in a brioche bun that I’ve ever tasted? May I say that? Thank you. That’s what I call festival food.

el_galeon_1_elengrey_july_2016 (1280x960)

Meet El Galeón — a reconstruction of a 16th century Spanish galleon. It took up a good portion of the waterfront. You can find more information and stats here. I was struck by two different centuries sharing the same space. It felt like a blue screen moment.

draken_1_elengrey_july_2016 (1280x721)

Just to the left of it sat the Draken Harald Hårfagre — the largest reconstruction of a Viking ship. It set sail on the 26th of April from Norway and traveled across the North Atlantic ocean on the same route the Vikings used over 1000 years ago. There is no below deck. Sleeping was done under a tent on deck in shifts. Open galley. More information here and some great images.

Sunday was spent recovering and Monday was Hello, 4th of July! celebrations.

I see a pattern here.

And then the events of the rest of the week prevented me from writing one ounce of humor blog. Even if I could, and I could not, I wouldn’t have. Respect. And I was grieving for the land of my birth.

In Other News ~

The perennial gardens are bountiful, as are the heirloom lettuce seeds. Salad anyone? The bees are happily buzzing in the fairy roses, lavender, moonbeam coreopsis and coneflower. I’ve yet to see a butterfly. It’s a race with the pigmunks over the ripe raspberries. So far I’m winning. I stand and eat the harvest. Tomatoes are coming and the hydrangea are beginning to bloom.

The Flash Fiction course ended, and one month of 52Stories52Weeks has come and gone. I am now a day late with Week 5. Creativity took a hike last week.

daylily_1_elengrey_july_2016 (1073x1280)

Tucked under a hydrangea and bathed in morning light. One of my faves.

And Monday’s in the house.

I’m looking for a story. Make that two.

Git to work.


10 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Threefer…

  1. Elen, Your spirit is wonderful Why cant the world (at least our part of it) have more Elen Greys? Yes, the hydrangeas are starting to blossom (you saw my picture). We need to hang some Irish Spring soap bars near them to discourage the deer, It seems to help and it keeps the air clean…

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  2. We love the tall ships when they come to town! We were on the Bounty talking to Claudene Christian 2 months before it and off the coast of North Carolina. (Unfortunately she and the captain did not survive) My Fitbit is well rested today. 6,094 steps 😁

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