So… I wonder if he’d notice…

I wonder if he’d notice if I braided his tail?

squirrel_lounging_elengrey_august_2016 (1280x960)

Braid my tail and die!

This little dude was hot yesterday. Fence-flop hot. I know exactly how he feels. If we had made that ledge a little wider, I might’ve been tempted to fence-flop yesterday myself.

Fence-flop Squirrel is blissed-out. Totes.

The G-Man took this click yesterday. I put it through A Color Story app and gave it a little green color fog. Considering he had to take this shot through a dirty window, it’s a pretty decent click.

He’s got do not disturb written all over him.

In Other News ~

The carbon monoxide detector went off yesterday in the wee hours of the morning, so I had to haul myself out on the street at crikey-o’clock while firefighters came and went through the house with a sniffer.

I discovered that G-Pup isn’t a crikey-o’clock person either, though at least she could refresh herself on the boulevard grass while waiting. I draw the line at that.

All was good, but I never quite recovered from the incident — emotionally, physically, intellectually.

Tired cat


One step closer to Hump Day.

Note to self: Yoga wear is the answer. Always. Always. What should I wear to bed tonight? is the question.



7 thoughts on “So… I wonder if he’d notice…

  1. This is hilarious, I love your writing style. “Fence-flop Squirrel is blissed-out.” Random thought,”One step closer to Hump Day,” too funny.
    p.s. you can never go wrong with or in yoga pants. (cheers)

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  2. I’ve felt like that squirrel all summer. We don’t have black ones here, just grey and an occasional albino which, sadly, gets shunned by the others. What caused the detector to sound? Stay safe. I vote, ‘shorties’…😎

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    • I’ve yet to see an albino squirrel, but I have seen black squirrels with reddish blonde tails. Apparently, there was a power failure somewhere which triggered the cm detector. First time that has ever happened. We replaced it with a new one with a backup battery the very same day. It was a freak, but not uncommon thing. Finally, hahaha. No way.

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