Fridaaaaay!… I am the boing!


All the Color!

If you were around in 2013, I posted this in a February blog on a big ol’ snow day.

It’s worth repeating on this fine, technically-summer-but-definitely-autumn-ish morning.

Yes, I am freakishly attracted to autumn. Autumn would make a great boyfriend — seasoned, yet still playful.

Wanna go steady, Autumn?

Did I say that?

It’s a bit of a crush today, so it’s going to be really easy not to use the taboo word for Sep-16.

Fencers are back working on the gate to the back garden, and I’m pretty much doing the boing–boing–boing.

I am the boing!

Can’t wait. Can’t wait.


When do you create your title?

I find mine at the end. It’s the last thing I do.

That’s why I fear a title-less post more than anything.

That might be an exaggeration. Okay. A lie.

I can think of two things I fear more.

TWC_2016 (461x520)

Today’s taboo word is sitting at 16 in ye old taboo chart. Another four letter word. Naughty, naughty.

Note: Click the blue frog to read others taking part in Taboo Word Challenge 2016

Here be Friday.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…

Happy weekend, y’all.


3 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay!… I am the boing!

  1. Whoops, it’s Saturday morning. Darn, I missed the puzzle. Can’t do it on a Sat, nosirreee! (You Onow how I hate brain teasers and will find any excuse to avoid). As for Fall, it’s getting close but no cigar, just yet. The only color I see on trees is the dead color from foliage killed by summer heat. Titles? I think of them and then write a story to their point. They come to me anytime, I make a note of them and later I say to myself, ‘what the hell does this mean’, and never write the story. That happens a lot at my point in life when my own colors are changing faster than the trees.😎

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