Single Shot Monday: Twofer + In Other News…


The pink fairy roses have a quality even in the winter snowscape.

Gimme all the pink fairy roses in the land.


Not much gets cut much back in the autumn, because these winter garden views are what get me through the snowy cold that is Canadaland.

Of course, if I lived on the east coast — New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador — this frontscape would be buried.

In Other News

I’m hibernating. We’ve yet to have a fire in the fireplace this winter, because that sucker just eats warm air for breakfast. It feels too cold, and the second floor pines for a hot water bottle. Me, too!

Five Hour Stew and home baked bread is the order of the day. Warms the gut and expands the butt. Always a double-edged sword. Anything hot. Get it? I’m living on lemon ginger and peppermint teas.

The tree is down and the stockings are off the doors, but the other remnants of the season remain. The G-Man whines if everything red and shiny suddenly disappears. I get that. The only poinsettia I bought this year is limping along on my desk. It was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of poinsettias. Still is.

I might have eaten my weight in clementines in December. It’s one of my favorite holiday harbingers.

Speaking of the season, we went the non-trad route. It just felt right for this year. A French Canadian Tourtière for the eve. Okay. That is traditional, but not in my family. A Tuscan Bread Vegetable Soup for Christmas day. We didn’t miss a turkey or ham and all the trimmings. We had a Nicolas Cage film marathon and schlepped around in sweats and socks. Peeps visited. We visited peeps. A good time was had by all. The new year was ushered in with a great deal of hope, but without fanfare. The end.

And Monday is in the house in all its wintry glory.

I’m glued to Big Dell. Yes, I named my laptop. And flexing the writing brain. That’s gonna hurt.



29 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Twofer + In Other News…

  1. Those fairy roses are really nice. I don’t trim things back either. In fact, I just came in from taking some photos outside! We finally have some snow so I wanted to poke around. You will probably see some on Insta this week.
    Love all the food you’ve been eating. We had peeps visit on Saturday (just too busy over the holidays) and Dave made vegetarian Scotch pies. So yummy.
    Eating and being creative is all you will get out of me this month.

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  2. Happy New Year. We did non-trad, too – made homemade egg-roll – they were nummy. So nummy that Christmas dinner will be on the menu on a regular basis. I hereby do declare it!
    By the way, forgive me for asking – I feel I should know the answer to this – what are you writing these days?

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  3. Love tortiere on Christmas Eve!! I’ll take that Trad over turkey on the big day. The idea of Tuscan Bread Soup is very intriguing! We added German Stollen on Christmas morning to the roster last year, and a “Galette Des Rois” (or Kings tart) for the Epihany. It’s all about the food!
    Happy New Year, Elen!

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  4. Two adult step-daighters overnight: tourtiere and lobster on the eve with Julie’s (Frog Pond Farm) Toi Toi wine. We played CLUE. Scotch eggs, coffee, and clementines for breakfast. I have no recollection of what we ate for the rest of the day but the ‘girls’ left and I tackled TGaM’s puzzles.

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  5. Whoo Hoo! Nova Scotia got a shout out 🙂 We just got a lot of snow. We’re about to get 8-10 degree weather in the next few days. I think Mother Nature had too much egg nog over the holidays. We’re all undecorated inside, but the outside baubles are still alight…

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  6. Sounds like a wonderful holiday celebration. I bet the food was relish. Must admit, im glad the radio is back to ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ instead of ‘fa-la-la’. Quiet here, as usual…we’re boring But we are expecting a new member to our household today. More on ‘Daisy’ later…

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