Single Shot Monday: After the Thaw…


Monday Vibe!


These looked quite different here, when they were all perky and looking like pumpkin latte or soft serve ice cream.

They froze.

They thawed.

They collapsed.

Hope I don’t do that.

And Monday is in the house.

The 52Stories52Weeks struggle is real. #amwriting

Git to work.


13 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: After the Thaw…

  1. We can only hope. But, it could be worse. Ever read the kid’s story about what happens you after you’re 6 feet under? It’s funny and disgusting, the exact kind of stories kids and those who still think they’re kids, like. By the way, is B’ville actually Belleville? If so, it’s one of my favorite towns. I used to call on Autosystems, an automotive headlamp supplier there in Belleville. I would always stay at the Ramada Inn.

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  2. They froze, they thawed, they collapsed. Ha,ha. Yah, who would want that as the story of their life.
    The little one on top looks like you put it out there just today, it didn’t get hit like the others. Nice pile of pumpkins Elen. (no matter what I compliment you on it sounds like I’m a perve. ha,ha geesh!

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