Here I Am, Monday…

2017 Rooster

Year of the Rooster, Baby!



It’s just me and Stevie Wonder — YouTube alert! — today.




Stevie Wonder is one of my fave artists. He’s a musical powerhouse.

I could listen to him all day long.

Lately, I’ve been starting my mornings with Huff + Puff (Just A Band) followed by Knockdown (Dave202, Gino G). I have the Only Daughter to thank for that.

It’s revving the writing brain. Vroom-vroom.

I’m not going to lie. Writing has been a struggle.  52Stories52Weeks is like a trip to the dentist for your worst nightmare root canal. But I’m pushing through and settling into a rhythm. And the words are flowing.

I can’t find my blog giggle.


It’s a freaking writing doomsday.

Just thought I’d share.

Feel free to share, too.

I’m in the middle of a high school reunion story.  You?

And Monday is in the house.

Sign it. Seal it. Deliver it.



10 thoughts on “Here I Am, Monday…

  1. I love Stevie Wonder. I used his song Someday at Christmas with Andra Day as my Christmas quote. “when we have found what life’s really worth There’ll be peace on earth ” I artistically scrolled it out with my fancy sharpie and put it in my antique Underwood typewriter- Stevie made the decorating crossover like a pro lol

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  2. It’s okay to read Monday on Wednesday, right? 🙂 Stevie is WONDERful! I don’t listen to him much but I do like his stuff. Good luck with that high school reunion story. Hope something funny or embarrassing happens!

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  3. Stevie Wonder is indeed a musical powerhouse. As for writing, yes it’s a struggle, but keep up the good work. The more you struggle the more you find your voice and will be able to enjoy what you do. Even when the struggle doesn’t go away…

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