chicken and egg

Friday Vibe!

Is it too early to talk about gardening, because I’m about to hit ‘send’ on a big seed order?


For the first time evah, I am rethinking my stance on the radish.  I wax ineloquently on my radish stance here. We have Polish friends who have spent a goodly amount of time in France. When we last did some bed and breakfasting with them, I noticed that radishes were always on the breakfast menu. This is the last thing I would think about having for breakfast — given the stance — and yet it is all I can think about.




Here be Friday in all it’s glory.

The weekend is nigh.

Got plans?

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…



9 thoughts on “Fridaaaaay!

  1. What a remarkable coincidence, for just today, in the produce aisle, there were radishes for sale (Canadian, no less) and I asked the he of the household if he wanted any, because he enjoys them on bread and butter, just like that.

    I hope you order radish seeds – they are SUPER easy to grow and quick like little bunnies, too – you can have a (garden)-year long supply in just a tiny patch of your garden if you sow, and re-sow, and sow once again. But they do attract cabbage worms, but that doesn’t interfere with the results.

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  2. It is NEVER too early to start talking about gardening. Smiley face. I plan on watching the Super Bowl with Dave but just to Princess it up I will be having sparkling wine. Te,he
    Have a good weekend Elen

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  3. I wrote yesterday on changing my stance on a particular color, so reading about your radish change of heart gives me heart that I did the right thing by writing about said color.

    [Also, don’t know how I found you, but now that I have, love your blog.]

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  4. Got plans? Got plans? My God, woman, this weekend is the Super Bowl. Surely, you’re watching. Actually, I write this today and the game is over, done, kaput…football is over, done, kaput. Well, there’s always radishes!!!😜


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