Single Shot Monday + My Brain on MasterChef Canada…

Breathe In… Breathe Out

Taken at Edwards Gardens in Toronto this weekend.


Who watches MasterChef and/or MasterChef Canada?


I can’t look away. They’re my cooking crack.

It’s MasterChef Canada season, and I got to thinking the other day. I do that sometimes. Think for no reason at all.

You’re riveted, right?

What I was thinking was…

If I could pick any fictional characters for a season of MasterChef Canada, who would they be?

It’s been weighing heavily on my mind for the last 72 hours. Okay, while I was raking the back garden yesterday.

Here are my top five.

  1. Neelix from Star Trek Voyager. The man knows what to do with an alien root vegetable. The more toxic the better. The Mystery Box Challenge would be no challenge for Neelix.
  2. Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of Green Gables. The woman’s got some serious plum puff game, so I figure she could give Christina Tosi of MasterChef a baking happy.
  3. Remy from Ratatouille. He has a passion for zee French cuisine that could make him a MasterChef contender.
  4. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. The woman uses her oven to store sweaters. Someone has to be eliminated in the first round.
  5. Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey. She knows her way around period appliances that don’t even work. Patmore would totally kill a Restaurant Takeover Challenge. She’s in charge.

Now, you. Give me one fictional character — book, tv series, or movie — that you would like to see as a contestant on MasterChef or MasterChef Canada.


And Monday is in the house.

Grab it and hang on.



11 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday + My Brain on MasterChef Canada…

  1. I would be riveted if Daffy Duck was the emcee. I know, I’m ‘desh-picable’. By the way, i don’t know any of those shows… Isn’t it ‘Downton’, not ‘Downtown’??? Just sayin’…

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      • And I’ve never seen an episode but our daughter (the expert in stuff British…drives me nuts) corrected us. If you didn’t see my latest story, please take a gander and let me know if it sucked. Heck, even my biggest fan (ok, my sister) didn’t comment at all. Actually., im starting to think that it did suck. It’s ‘The Barre Chronicles…’. Be honest, I was in sales for my career so I can take rejection. 😜

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  2. Wilma Flintstone for the win!
    Make your hobby hubby
    Keep your hubby happy
    When he’s a little chubby
    He’s a happy pappy,
    With Rockenschpeel!

    By the way – lovely spit take up here at this end of the blog-o-sphere when I read #4. Good one!

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