Single Shot Monday + You Know…

Five Hour Stew!

Please look at this while I take down the tree.

Thank you.

Usually, food pics go on Instagram, but today I’m diverting your attention while Christmas gets packed away for another year. Nobody wants to see that chaos.

I like to leave everything in place until after Epiphany, which I did, but you can’t move forward with January until it’s gone. Am I right? Just nod your head.

This is something that gets thrown in the oven often on cold, snowy, wintry days. I make a lot of variations. And if I’m running behind getting the pot together, I crank the oven up to 325 from 300 and make Four Hour Stew. Mostly that’s what happens around here.

It makes a beautiful gravy which you can’t see here because — hello! — raw ingredients. About the 4 hours and 45 minutes mark, all the neighbors line up at your door with bowls and spoons like you were ringing a communal dinner bell. It smells that good. Some of you might not consider that a plus, but I do.

And Monday is in the house.

Grab it by the Y and hang on.


You could just make stew.


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