Single Shot Monday: So… Monday Vibes

Boovines Bovines in a Line!

I’m just having fun with words today.


I’m listening to the soundtrack of HOME while I’m posting. I like to move with the Boov. We actually call this movie The Boov Movie in our casa. Let’s watch The Boov! Which we did this weekend. Saturday Night at the Movies.

Yes, caps everywhere this Monday.

Boovine Bovine Behinds!

Totally messing with you now.

All things Boov and bovine today. That’s how we’re rolling.

After the weekend, all I want to do is stretch my legs and walk to the horizon. But before I pass through the garden gate, the daily crocus check must be done. The peony stalks have to be pulled back for a peep at the emerging daffodil tips.

I’ve got it baaaaaad!

And Monday is in the house.

What’s your Monday vibe?


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