Single Shot Monday: [blah-blah-blah]…

Stop It!

I can hear Donna Moss, from the Life On Mars episode of West Wing, like an earworm in my head. A bird keeps pecking on the window. Every damn time the bird pecks, Donna says, “Stop it.”

Well… Mama Weather was pecking on my window this weekend with a fury. And I say, Stop It!

It’s supposed to be April showers. Didn’t you get the memo, Mama W?!

This image is from a December, 2013 ice storm in my neck of Ontarioland. We had a repeat this weekend. If you were unlucky, you had the 100 km/h winds, the snapped tree limbs, the power outages, the school closures, the transit chaos, the…

In Burbville, we had the 70-90 km/h winds, the ice pellets, the freezing rain, the snow-rain Sat/Sun, followed by the heavy rains. And I consider myself one of the lucky ones. We have power.

I cooked a variety of foods Saturday morning in case we lost power. Who hasn’t eaten a cold bowl of pasta or leftover slice of pizza on a Monday morning? After Girl’s Night Out? After a pub crawl? Back in the day. It can’t be just me.

I’ve done that when deep in writing.

So. Mama Weather…

Stop it!


Little Miss Blogger Grumpy Pants




This is what today’s post looked like when I began. The bokeh is a bonus. You’re welcome. Go ahead. Click that bigger.

It’s what all posts look like at the start, except Tuesday is I’ll Take Your Answers instead of So, Wednesday — In Other News, Friday — True Confessions. Thursday is Throwback Thursday. I’m experimenting with structuring M-F content a titch to see how that flies. Bloggers do stuff like that.

And Monday is in the house.

Own. It.


6 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: [blah-blah-blah]…

  1. I’m so glad to hear you didn’t lose power. We just got our roof done in steel and I had expectations of soft rain falling whilst I listened to Nora Jones. This ice storm was NOT the romantic event I was hoping for. The hail sounded like a flock of birds pecking.

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  2. Oh, yay! My comment went through. I think we are back in business Elen. I like your idea of structuring M-F content and the names you’ve chosen are delicious.
    Don’t ask me why I chose delicious, just want I thought works!
    Any hoo I’m still hoping for great Spring weather. I bought some pretty blooms and they are tucked away in my greenhouse right now and I want them to be free so everyone can see them.

    Talk soon and looking foward to your adventures this week.

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  3. The only power loss here is my enthusiasm for doing anything outside the house. Our weather has become dramatically unpredictable. Not grooving on it. I wish you well with your standardizing M-F content idea. In theory, it sounds great. But in practice I dunno… You be the guinea pig, I’ll watch.

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