Tuesday Post: Just Any… +

Any color at all will do!

I haven’t started any seedlings out of fear that they would be ready to transplant before the ground thaws in July. That and the fact that the diggers have to come in the spring and check their work after everything settled over the winter. Make any adjustments. So I see more rumpling of the gardens in my future.  I’ll be spending more time at the nursery than online this year.

This image was taken at Edwards Gardens in May of 2015. We’re nowhere near that now.

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

What is on your vacation bucket list?

What’s your favorite trip trans? Airplane? Train? Ship? Bus? Car? Spaceship? Magic Carpet?

Just to shake things up, I’ll go first.

First, I love all things train. I love clacking through the countryside. But if I could, magic carpet all the way.

On my bucket list right now — 1) a train trip across Western Canada 2) seeing the Aurora Borealis

Now, you. Go.

National Haiku Poetry Day. Drop a haiku in the comment box, if you are so inclined.

Tuesday, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Post: Just Any… +

  1. Vacay bucket list: Canada [British Columbia], England [Devon], Spain [Barcelona], and all the presidential libraries for US presidents who served while I’ve been alive. I can travel just about any way as long as I’m comfortable in the process.

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  2. I hope the ground thaws sooner than July for you! My vacation bucket list includes somewhere I can see the Milky Way and a return trip to Hungary–that countryside is gorgeous from a train!
    My attempt at a vacay-themed haiku:
    I want to go back
    To Budapest, Hungary.
    It stole my whole heart.

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