Humpity Day: Move it… +

I like to move it, move it!

Image taken at Dufferin Islands, October 2014. You can find interesting trivia about Dufferin Islands here. I was most taken by the Burning Springs from the 1820’s.

I like waves, waterfalls, boat wake, tidal bore, creek ripples.

I don’t like a dripping faucet.

In Other News ~

Has anyone tried the new Lost In Space Netflix Original series? I’ve only seen the first episode, which I found difficult to get into. Thoughts?

I’m sucked into the latest season (2) of Occupied with subtitles — a Norwegian political drama. Seriously, can’t look away. Also watching on Netflix.

We don’t use cable TV or rabbit ears. Netflix, Apple TV and streaming. And the library. I’m okay with that. Though I might be wearing a tinfoil hat, but that would be for safeguarding against alien mind control. These are the things that occupy my mind when spring freezes over.

That might be a lie.

Is everyone shoulder deep in taxes? We’ve got a few more days in Canadaland.

Here be Hump Day.

Work week be going down.


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