Humpity Day: Ward… +

I’ll Take A Dozen!

This was captured at Rosetta McClain Gardens in 2014. I’m posting it as a ward against the dreary that is this spring day. We need the rain, of course. It will be a catalyst for this lovely to bloom in June. Still…

The rain is hampering my plans to spend another day doing cleanup in the frontscape. Unearthing all the little red and green tips that signal new growth. The rain is hampering my plans to do the first rake of the season, gathering all those leaves that were still blowing around at the first snowfall of winter. The rain is hampering my plans to drag the wicker chairs onto the front patio, so I can curl up on cushion and watch the neighborhood come to life after a long winter’s night. Still…

It’s not snow!

In Other News ~

Instagram may be my favorite social media. It allows me to discover people like fibre artist @novamercury of Nova Mercury Designs (Montréal). Jen makes me want to learn punch needle and hand weaving.

Her work is absolutely stunning. Click on over. It will make you smile big.

I’m just sharing something I love at this moment — while the rain awakens the grass.

What’s your creative outlet?

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s blow right through it just like rain.


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