Single Shot Monday: Old and New Together… +

Peeking Through!

The aging, rusted iron fence with the fresh green of spring called to me. Old and new together.

This image was taken at U of T campus in Toronto, entering Philosopher’s Walk on what I think of as Museum Day. Translation: When Elen does the museum(s). This particular day, it was the Bata Shoe Museum to see the visiting Manolo Blahník exhibit. I wanted all the shoes! What a kick. More about that later.


The diggers were back on Saturday to check their work from last fall and to reinstall three patio slabs and the concrete block steps. Things can finally come back together, and I can put in the flower bed underneath the kitchen window. Again. Wahoo.

Tomatoes are now planted. We’re growing stuff. Green stuff. Veggie stuff. Good stuff.

It was a slow weekend. We watched Game Night (2018). Jesse Plemons. That is all.

Did I mention it was a slow weekend?

And Monday is in the house.


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