Humpity Day: I’ve been known to turn the garden hose on myself… +

Pink Fairy Roses!

Aren’t they beautimous?

You want to hug them. You want to sniff them.

Okay. I’m totes thinking about Miss Congeniality (2000) now, and probably for the rest of the day. I might even have to watch it this weekend tonight. That airport hangar scene.

Back to the roses. Born in 2010 and planted along the front drive, they’ve been total givers. This image was taken 2013, age 3.

This year, they were badly damaged by the spring ice storm. The two smack dab in the middle of the row did not green up at all.


I spent this morning cutting and clipping into compost bags all the dead branches. Fortunately, there appears to be new growth at the bottom.

I have hope in my heart. Hope in my heart, and many bleeding scratches on my arms, which have already been scrubbed and treated.

On second thought, you may not want to hug them. They are thorny girls.

I’ll be back out there in the morning working on them again. Staying in the shade, working ahead of the sun, won’t keep the thorny rose nips away, but at least I won’t be succumbing to the ultraviole(n)t rays of the sun.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

In Other News ~ In yesterday’s post I asked:

Bath or shower?

Too personal? It’s okay to pick ‘Other‘.

Garden hose? Sprinkler system?

Rain barrel? Swim in the lake?

Who bathes, man?

So far, only the shower lovers and lake people have fessed up.


I’m all about the power of the shower. Love the water rolling from the top of the head down. Multiple shower heads even better. In fact, if I were looking at housing right now, I’d bypass the kitchen and go straight to the master bath, the guest bath, the lonely only bath, whatevs.

Okay. I’ve been known to turn the garden hose on myself.

Just sayin’.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just twirl right into Thursday.