Single Shot Monday: And it was good…

All the Lines!

It was all about gardening this weekend, which is good. Fine.

And when I say fine, I mean so very fine… not fiiiine.

You know the fine I’m talkin’ about.

It was all about the power of the flower. So let’s look at some architectural lines. Citified cabins and buildings.

Let’s look up while we’re at it.

And it was good.


I’m writing and scheduling this post Sunday night. Why? Because Sunday night, I won’t be experiencing the joy of dentistry.

I won’t be under the influence of an epidural.

No. That can’t be right. That was for childbirth.

And it was good.

I’ll be under the influence of nitrous oxide — aka laughing gas — on Monday for a dental procedure. Stitches may be involved. Yikes!

After that, I hope to become a human Advil.

The G-Man and I agreed that it would be better if I stayed far, far, far away from the intertoobs.

And it was good.

And Monday is in the house.

Grab it by the Y and swing right into the work week. Unless, of course, you’re under the influence of the nitrous oxides.


Note: This image was taken in Toronto in August of 2015.

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