Humpity Day: Let’s Get Outta Here… +


The things you find at the Distillery District. Yeah. My Toronto.

This is right on so many levels.

Hump Day — Let’s just give it the stink eye. Doesn’t that look like the stink eye to you? Or it could be the red eye of the Dark Fae.

Hump Day — Let’s just use our creator-given spindly legs and crawl right over it.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch — Yikes! Let’s get outta here.

In Other News ~

The morning was a run to the Home Depots and then time in the garden putting in the new bed under the kitchen window — finally! — and potting an apricot and orange tuberous begonia in an old cement planter. It has character, baby.

I planted some common bleeding heart, some gloxinia, and a new astilbe called Rhythm and Beat. Seems appropriate for me. Fingers crossed.

You can rain thunderstorm on me now, Mama Weather.

Peas have blossoms. Little tomatoes are forming. Lettuce is ready for a picking. I’m gettin’ hangry.

Here be Hump Day.

Work week be going down.


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