#TBT: Let’s Throw… aka I can’t think of a cutesy title +


There’s nothing like putting up a weenter post on the summer solstice.

That’s how you roll if you’re me.

Happy Summer Solstice if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like me!

Happy Winter Solstice if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere! Shout out if that’s you.

I love the solstices and the equinoxes.

The end.

Let’s throw.

ugly field of dreams…

It’s snowing the kind of snow that looks all fake and feathery and clings to the tiniest branches of trees and fills every crack and crevice of fence boards.

I feel kind of cheated, because a couple of days ago the weather gods hinted loudly that it would be 56 Fahren today. I guess I should feel blessed that it’s 36 Fahren instead of 6 Fahren, but I’m not feeling the glass half full today. I’m just being honest, and taking a break from the word count.

I had a dream.

I dreamt that some kind of conference was being held on my property in the middle of winter.

(There was Twitter chatter about the RWA National Conference coming up… in July… in Anaheim. I didn’t say it was logical.)

We were all outdoors amidst the drifts and piles of snow. A lad skated up my sloshy, wet drive to deliver the paper.

(Author Jill Shalvis mentioned on FB the 3 feet of snow they had yesterday, with more to come. And I might have over-hydrated myself.)

A speaker blathered on in earnest about nothing in particular.

(This could have been Oscar-related, but it could have been the nightly news. Just sayin’.)

Huge bowls of grapefruit sat everywhere,…

(Sandra Coughlin, The Reluctant Entertainer, was talking at her blog yesterday about how to prep your house before going on vacation, and one image was a centerpiece of flower petals floating in a glass bowl. They kind of reminded me of juicy pink grapefruit sections. Again. I didn’t say it was logical.)

…and I was busy with my green garden hose watering the snowdrifts.

(Either I’m a Northern Girl ready for spring to arrive, or I drank too much water before lights out and…)

I cannot tell a lie.

This was a cereal and milk dream.

Don’t eat before zzzzzzz-time.

(March 2012)


And that’s how we’re rolling this Throwback Thursday.



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