Humpity Day: Avert Your Eyes…

… Or nose.

Lost and Found!

But no longer edible.

Sometimes we do kitchen science.

I didn’t dare take the plastic wrap off it. Didn’t want to let loose those spores.



Okay. That may not be a word.

Give it your best guess.

In Other News ~

October ended a little chilly. Those Halloweenies were moving fast. We had 27, which was apparently more than others had. Each Halloweenie group was accompanied by a posse of parents.

Okay. Our first little trick-or-treater was probably my fave, though given his age, I’m not sure who was actually going to be eating those real fruit gummies. Just sayin’. He came to the door in a blue car wagon pulled by his slave. A lounging, grinning rhinoceros giving me a little finger wave. 2 1/2 years young max. The night only got better after that. I’m still wondering how the faceless hoodies managed to get up on the front porch. Good times.

Here be Humpity Day in all its autumn glory.

Instead of numbers, let’s crunch leaves. Who’s with me?


Close Shot Friday 088… Not Even Blush

red_sand_pei_elenrey_september_2012 (1089x1280)

This was taken on PEI in September of 2012 at New Glasgow.

We had just finished lunch at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. Just stretching our legs after filling our bellies.

I love the color of the sand on PEI.


Could my feet be more pale?

Winter pale in September.

OPI Alpine Snow pale.

The natural state of my skin 24/7 365.

Not even blush.

Looks like a few feet have gone before me.

Why you are getting this particular click on Close Shot Friday, I have no idea.

Maybe it has something to do with my annual visit to the optometrist this morning.

Once a year, I go there for a session of spaz blinking.

It’s the puffer machine. I call it the puffer machine. It’s actually the pressure test.

But the minute my chin hits the rest, my eyes go into spaz blinking.

Some years, they just don’t get the pressure test done.

Moving along.

We actually discussed macular degeneration and my pale skin and strawberry blonde hair all in the same sentence.

It’s on my pale genetic code.

For some reason, that made me think of the red sands of PEI and this image.

Elen brain.

TGIF, baby!

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…