Humpity Day: I think it’s the latter…

The Pink That Refreshes!

This is the time of year that all I want to see are buds and blossoms, blossoms and buds.

I  caved and bought a bunch of white snapdragons for a side table in the living room. How desperate am I? The poinsettia was quietly moved upstairs to live out its days being waited on hand and foot, visited and well-fed. There have been no complaints.

In Other News ~

Someone on my Twitter tweeted they were glad the 78 days of February were over. I’m so laughing and surprised that I didn’t tweet that myself. Yes, February is not my favorite month either. OMG! I just turned my head to the left, and it’s snowing. Again. I’m drawing the drapes. Shutting the blinds. I can totes live in the dark until spring.

February doesn’t seem to be a popular month at all. We should all be loving it. It’s the shortest month of the year. But there you go. A lot of us don’t.

Does that make February feel tragic and want to curl into a ball for 28 days? Or does February strike an Eat snow and die, human! ‘tude? I think it’s the latter.


Here be the first Hump Day of March. We’re moving ever closer to spring.

Let’s frolic.


Note: This image was taken in April of 2017 at Edwards Gardens, Toronto.