Tuesday Post: Just Hangin’… + I’ll Take Your Answers

Tuberous Begonias!

We’re going all apricot-y/orange-y today.

This was hangin’ out at the garden center in a hanging basket. Just hanging. Crying out for a drink of water.

Calling my name.

It was large and voluptuous and made a statement.

I like big blossoms. And I cannot lie.

I had to have it.

However, it was very clear. It didn’t want to be hangin’ out in a hanging basket. So. I planted it in an old cement planter — as in 25+ years old — and wrestled it up onto one of the brick patio tables I’ve been cobbling together out of former front stairs and teeny tiny patio. Nothing goes to waste!

There’s a lot of orange and pink in my garden this year. Say what?

Moving right along.

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

Golf or miniature golf? 

Handball or racquetball?

I like to sway in a hammock and read…


Tuesday, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Post: Just Hangin’… + I’ll Take Your Answers

  1. I was forced to take golf lessons as a teenager. My mother thought that golf might be a good sport for me when I got older. She was wrong. I don’t like it, preferring the challenges presented in miniature golf.


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