Single Shot Monday: Small Life Living…

Rated Pee-Gee!

Hydrangea blooming will be happening soon.

First, my thoughts are with the Danforth this morning after the tragic events of last night. The Danforth, aka Greektown, is an area we visit often. It is especially known for its annual Taste of the Danforth festival, and I find this deeply troubling. We’re still waiting to learn the Why?.



We had some.

It’s good for the flowers. The grass. The farmers. Even the bees and wasps were drinking out of the birdbath last week.

Much to my delight, we have a bird couple — a pair of cardinals — frequenting the birdbath this year. And a robin who is getting all the worms.

Fruit flies. We have them. Seriously.

This means war!

So I threw a quarter of a lime in a pint jar with a teaspoon small blob of strawberry jam. Squeezed some slime juice over that and covered it with plastic wrap. Poked a few tiny holes in there with the tip of the electronic oven thermometer — because that’s how we roll — and set it on the counter.


Small life living.

And Monday is in the house.

Carry on.


5 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: Small Life Living…

  1. I’m not sure we even answer the ‘why’. Oh, we can assign reasons but whatever drives the pure evil seems to be the forever mystery. Sad because Life can be so happy. Your insights into ordinary things are joyful. I try to write about simple, happy stuff. The world should read our blogs. Maybe we could turn the tide. Really, maybe we can. Just keep writing…

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    • Thank you so much for your words, Steve. Lately, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to pound out this blog. It feels shallow in the face of current events. But it is a humor blog and I try to stay true to that. And sometimes… people just need a break from it all. As for the ‘Why?’, I guess for me it’s a crossover between ‘who’ and ‘why’. We knew ‘who’ as in a young man, dressed in black, with a gun. The ‘why’ for me is was it an act of terrorism, domestic or foreign? Incel? Gang-related? Mental illness? So on and so forth. Toronto is seeing an uptick in gun violence. This is troubling.

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      • I struggle with that ‘shallow’ feeling, as well, because my stories are just such simple, everyday things. But then someone makes a nice comment about laughing or remembering about their own experiences and I’m reminded that I gave someone a happy moment (more often than not, it’s just someONE…I need to get more readers 😉) and I feel good about that. Yours is like that, I chuckle every time i read it.

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  2. I feel the same way about what I write on my blog. I want to address what’s happening, but then I figure that *maybe* being a refuge from the violence and insanity is a good way to be. I dunno…

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