Single Shot Monday: In all the places…

Look this way…

No. This way. Look this way!

Rudbeckia taken this morning while sippin’ the decaffeine. It’s tucked in all the places in the garden. Sturdy, little, happy girl.


I’m prepping the entry, coat closet, and long hall today for painting. I’m a glutton. A glutton for painting. Not really. It comes under the categories of Must Be Done and I’ve Procrastinated Too Long.

Can one procrastinate too long?

Covering vibrant red and some mossy green with more Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. I hope I survive the blizzard of white before I get to the good stuff some pops of color.

And Monday is in the house.

Own. It.

Elen ~ Chained to the Paint in Burbville

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  1. Point of clarification. Are you painting over what you put on the walls previously, or are you painting over what the previous owners put on the walls? Inquiring minds need to know.

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