Tuesday Post: I see them out there measuring…


I just took this click about an hour ago. The fruit is hanging low on that indeterminate tomato plant that is about 9 feet tall at this point. It is low-hanging fruit, and I had to sort of crawl in under the plant to get that shot. Even though something leggy could have crawled in my hair, I went in anyway — such is my love for you.

It’s about the size of a large grapefruit. Other tomatoes have ripened and been picked off this plant already. The flavor is sweet and good. I mean gooooooood! But this one is all about taking its time. Growing fat and dimply. And ripening slowly.

I hope a pack of squirrels doesn’t carry it off. I see them out there measuring and conferring.

Stop it!

I’ll Take Your Answers ~

Which brings us to here. I’ve been eating grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread for a week now. I’ve been eating grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread one of two ways — with a thick slice (or two) of indeterminate tomato wedged between two slices of white cheddar (I call it the Mile High), or with a layer of bread and butter pickles wedged between two slices of marble cheddar.

So… how do you like your grilled cheese?

I can think of a hundred other ways, but this is what I’m doing now.

Do you sometimes have a side of ketchup for dipping?

Who me? I never do that.

Liar, liar. Grilled cheese on fire.

I totes do that with a grilled cheese and bacon sammie.

Tuesday, y’all.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Post: I see them out there measuring…

  1. I like them best when someone else makes them. My wife makes a delicious ‘egg in the hole’ sandwich. Even has cheese on it. I don’t know, look it up! But use thick bread. By the way, give that cheeky tomato some rubber bands and put it in a treadmill. It does remind me of some peeps I see at the gym. Am I being nasty?😎

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  2. Grilling in this heat??? Save that for fall with a bowl of tomato soup. Until then: fresh tomato, sliced sharp cheddar (any colour!) on toast made from whatever bread caught my eye at the Farmer’s Market. Ixnay to the pickles. Enjoy the fruit of your plant’s labours.

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