#TBT: Just bob your virtual head…


Kicking Throwback Thursday to the curb again this week so I can take this post and talk about the microcosm of climate change that is my day. Today.

Are we good with that?

Just bob your virtual head. No ballot required.

We’ll be head-bobbers together.

The overnight temp went up from 51 to 68 with a 82 humidex bringing with it a full-blown thunderstorm. I had to throw the covers off, man. I left for the mall walk in cropped jeggings, tee, and flip-flops. Wind blowing raindrops everywhere, and a watery sun peeking through the clouds.

By the time I got home at noon, it was 61 (with no humidex) and sunny, and I was sporting curly locks, instead of my lovely straight blow-dry of yore yesterday. I could hear the sound of money flushing down the toilet on the wind.

I jumped into cargo pants and garden wellies and grabbed a spade and hand trowel and planted two more mums in the side garden and one in a planter, and a cute row of ornamental cabbage babies went into a rectangular pot. Wind be damned.

I’m now back in some long jeggings, kicks, and a sweater watching the trees sway in the sunshine and reading about the frost advisory for this evening when the temps will drop to 32, and I will be rummaging through a bin of winter clothes looking for some footed jammies and sucking mini marshmallows off a mug of hot chocolate.

I love you, Autumn.

I love you, Canadaland.

And that’s how we’re rolling this Throwback Thursday.



4 thoughts on “#TBT: Just bob your virtual head…

  1. Yeah, wasssupp with grand lady, Mother N? Same problem here when I went to my school crossing job…without the hair issue and all the womens’ clothing you described, of course. I don’t even own flip flops. I’d be arrested if I exposed my ugly toes in public. But, I digress… Yes, we love Autumn here, as well. 🎃

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