Tuesday Post: A whole lotta sighin’ goin’ on…

Texture & Light!

I love the texture and light. All the shades of greens and grays. And then there’s that pop of rusty red brick. Yeah. That.

In Other News ~

Whatever was going on with the Windows 10 October 2018 update seems to have righted itself. Everything was back to normal this morning. There was text where there was supposed to be text and image where there was supposed to be image. But I say… Do better, Microsoft.

This afternoon is the annual optometrist visit. So my mind is wandering to that episode of Friends where Rachel has an eye infection and needs to have her eyes examined. And then a course of drops. You know the one, right?

Ha-ha. Ho-ho. Hee-hee.

Yep. That’s me. I’ve had multiple optometrists give up on the pressure test, which I call the evil puffer test. Because the minute they say, “Okay. Hold still.” or the minute they count down to three, my eye goes into rapid blinking motion and the eyeball jerks this way and that way. And this way and that way. Have you ever seen an eyeball… Oops. Wrong song.

It’s a total chaotic mo accompanied by a lot of sighing… not by me. Contacts were never an option. Nevah evah.

The surgeon who had to repair my retinal tear with laser surgery sighed. A lot. Everything after the freezing wasn’t a problem. Everything before the freezing was an exasperated sigh.

So. Yeah. Optometrist today.

And that is my small life living tale.

Tuesday, y’all.


Note: The above image was taken at the Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto in August of 2018.

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