Single Shot Monday: All Boxed In… +

Boxed Herbs!

Who’s thinking about gardening besides me? Green landscapes. The smell of soil and fertilizer of the panure — pig manure — variety. Yellow-green shoots of hopefulness and flower and veggie goodness. Seed catalogues!

Garden dreams. Sigh.

This image is from September of 2015. I don’t have what I affectionately referred to as the garden crypt any longer. Dismantled it when the new fence went up. I kinda miss it.


The course I’m working through on Instagram and visual storytelling will wind down this week. I’ll be processing it long after. More about that once my head stops spinning like that scene in The Exorcist.

Painting resumes after the 18th of February. It’s a good thing.

Fence-flopping hoarder squirrel finally came for his crust of bread. I’m waiting to see what lands there next. Clementine peel? A walnut? PB&J?

If we don’t get #mamaweathergeddon tomorrow, I’m doing the AGO and Ryerson Image Centre with G-Man on Wednesday. Field trip day! Winter in the city date!

Days are getting longer.

And Monday is in the house.

Rinse and repeat.


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  1. In a nutshell, what is visual storytelling on IG? Are those the fast little video things that I see at the top of my screen when I go there? IG and I are on speaking terms, but not close. I don’t really see the attraction, but I’m trying to.

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