Single Shot Monday: And the Second Dimple Pops…

Orange on Black!


G-Man comes bouncing in on Friday. He’s been running errands.

And he’s lively.

Must be spring, because he definitely has a spring in his step.

And he’s clutching a bouquet of tulips.

He grins, showing one of my favorite dimples.

G-Man: For you.

G-Man: I didn’t do anything wrong.

I laugh and roll my eyes.

G-Man: I’ve got your favorite cookies, too.

And the second dimple pops.



I bite my lower lip.

Me: Seriously. What did you do?

Those dimples though.

And Monday is in the house.

Give it your best shot.


4 thoughts on “Single Shot Monday: And the Second Dimple Pops…

  1. Only slightly jealous that you can find orange tulips. They’re rare around here, for no particular reason I know of. We got your pinks and reds and yellows and purples and whites… but nope to the orange colored ones.

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