Pick Your Own Title…


So, this happened this morning. Right across from my kitchen window. Right in front of my cold-glazed eyes.

This clematis went in last year. She’s grown up the trellis now and is showing off fat buds from top to bottom.

In Other News ~

Four days into the she-cold and I no longer need a mid-morning nap, a post soup nap, and a pre-bedtime nap. On the mend. I can swallow without it hurting. And I don’t have to carry my head around anymore. PSA… This could be viral. Whatevs. On the mend. Don’t get it.

Here be Hump Day.

Carry on. There’s still nothing to see here.



8 thoughts on “Pick Your Own Title…

  1. Did you take zinc, Cold-eeze? They help me when I feel a cold coming. I avoid the sugar free because the sugar free candy gives me gas. On the other hand, that can be fun, too. I suppose if you did use it, you could end your stories, ‘it’s in the can’! Glad you’re better.

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