Single Shot Monday: Runners…

Show Peas!


This is happening.

I love sweet peas, so I decided to try some in my narrow garden across from the kitchen patio, just a few feet down from the clematis. I bought a little 4-pack of Compact Sweet Pea. The label said it grows 6-8 inches tall, so it was planted in a deep cement cylinder with a small trellis behind it.

A mounding vine, they said.

This past weekend, I had to relocate an already two foot tall tomato plant that was behind it to another area, put up one of my iron trellises (5 feet tall) at the fence, and shimmy that cement cylinder right back to the trellis. Those sweet peas are 3 feet and climbing. They’ve already latched on to the secondary trellis like a newborn at a teat.

Today, we have color. They should be splendid.

Sure hope the neighbor likes them, because I’m certain they are going to climb right over the fence top and down the other side.

That is my little gardening tale.

And Monday is in the house.

Time to do your work thang.


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