The Canadian Winter Blues…

I’m going to pretend I’m living on the wet west coast today and that it is noon, instead of 3 in the afternoon.

That’s how we’re rolling on Monday after 8 days of the super virus — like a super hero, only not — aka Mr. G, honey’s man-virus, aka the little virus that could.

And did.

I still sound like a veteran pack-a-day smoker with a serrated blade wedged between two ribs. But other than that, I sparkle.


A couple of days ago, @CanadaCool Lucy Izon tweeted a link to a video by Canadian musician Jesse Ferguson. Once I saw it, I knew I had to share it here with you. It’s my new theme song. Oh. And if you’re not following Toronto travel writer Lucy Izon on Twitter, you should be. Click on over.

Jesse’s got the Canadian winter blues with good reason. They’re taking a pounding in his neck of Canadaland.

Sing it, Jesse!

I’m singing right along with you.

Monday is in the house.