Single Shot Monday and Disinclined to Incline…

I should be doing this…



But all I want to be doing is this…

Rest in Paradise

Or this…

I’ve become a summer sloth.

A summer sloth of the first order.

I poke my toe into the garden.

I poke my toe into the theater.

I poke my toe into the library.

And then…

I am disinclined to incline.

The heat is upon us, which I look forward to all the Canadian winter long.

Look. Forward. To.

The heat is upon us, and I am in a state of languor.

It’s no way to be.

Especially on a Monday.


Here be a single shot. And a close shot.

I’ve taken it before.

Probably a year ago, when it was blooming then.

It bears repeating.

IMG_1185_yellow_daylily_elengrey_july_2015 (956x1280)

This capture is better. I’m learning.

And Monday is in the house.

I poke my toe into it.


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